Himalayan Salt BBQ Plate (12"x8")

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Packed in Squamish BC

How to use your HCS BBQ plate

A tip: before placing your BBQ plate into the oven, you may put an aluminium foil underneath to protect your oven from oil dripping.

1.- Put the Himalayan Crystal Salt BBQ plate onto a COLD grill or into a COLD oven.


 2.- Preheat the BBQ or OVEN at 250-300°C (482-572°F) with the BBQ plate, allowing the plate to slowly come to full heat for approx. 30 minutes.

Note: not recommended to go over 300°C


3.- Put the unseasoned chicken, steak, veggies, fish etc. onto the HCS BBQ plate.


4.- Turn your meat etc. from time to time just as you would do on your outdoor BBQ or in the oven.

5.- The meat etc. will be saturated with the salt to a delicious taste.

6.- Until done. If desired, one can add some pepper or any other seasoning but no more salt.

7.- Put the plate on a cooling rack inside and never leave it to cool down outside.


How to clean your HCS BBQ plate


1.- Hold the BBQ plate under lukewarm running water.

2- Use either a dish cloth or a soft brush to clean.

3.- Let the BBQ plate air dry overnight inside.

 4.- After using, the BBQ plates start to look bumpy. That is normal since it is 100% Himalayan Crystal Salt without any additives.