How does it work?

Welcome to Farmers on Duty, where we simplify the process of connecting growers with retailers and the agroindustry. Our platform streamlines the agricultural trade, making it easy for both farmers and buyers to benefit from a more efficient and transparent system. Here's a step-by-step guide to how it all works:

  1. Registration:

    • Growers join our platform and reach out to us via email, providing essential information about their products and pricing preferences.
    • We verify and validate producer profiles to ensure the highest quality standards.
    • Retailers join our platform and reach out to us via email, requesting a quote and providing essential information about their needs and preferences.
  2. Product Listings:

    • We list grower's products, including fresh produce, frozen goods, dehydrated products, grains, and ingredients.
    • Buyers browse the diverse range of products available in real-time. If you need a product that is not in our list, contact us, we will found it for you!
  3. Select and Initiate the Process:

    • Choose the product you want to export, ensuring it meets the minimum quantity requirements. (minimum: 6 pallets)
    • Proceed to checkout and pay the initiation fee, which is base in the total quote. This secures the start of the purchase and export process for the selected products. This will be refund if the transaction failed. 
  4. Matchmaking:

    • Our experienced team matches producers with suitable buyers based on their preferences, locations, and requirements.
    • This ensures fair pricing and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  5. Transparent Transactions:

    • Once a match is made, all parties can access transparent details about the transaction, including pricing, quality, and delivery schedules.
    • We prioritize transparency and trust at every step.
  6. Transactions:

    • Buyers make direct payments to the growers and handle export costs.
  7. Shipment and Delivery:

    • Producers prepare and ship the products to the specified locations.
    • We provide real-time tracking information, allowing buyers to monitor the progress of their orders.
  8. Feedback and Ratings:

    • After a successful transaction, both parties can leave feedback and ratings, contributing to the development of a trusted community.

At Farmers on Duty, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the agricultural trade by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, ensuring fair pricing for farmers, and delivering quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness to buyers. Join us today and experience the future of agriculture at your fingertips.

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